For the record

Part of the reason for starting this blog, was to record the highs and lows of parenthood.  So today, just for the record, I’m going to list the things that Daniel has done this week that make me smile.  If you’re not in the mood for that, read no further – come back next time!  Helping in the house

Saturday: eating peas with his fingers – managing to get one pea into his mouth with a little fat finger and thumb and then following it up, one by one, with all the peas in the bowl.

Sunday: hiding behind a muslin, holding it with both hands and then pulling it away from his face with a delighted smile when I say in a puzzled voice: ‘Where’s Daniel, Where’s Daniel?’

Monday: sitting in his cot quietly leafing through his cloth book about the rabbits that go to the beach in a car, carefully pointing at the tiniest details for himself, like a mouse eating a picnic on the sand

Tuesday:  standing at the washing machine, pulling the dirty washing out as I try to put it in

Wednesday: trying to grab Doctor Moloney’s hair  as he knelt to shine his little light into his mouth; waving at the little girl on the other side of the waiting room.

Thursday: sitting in the shopping trolley, looking too small really to be in the wire seat, holding on with both hands and peering at me with big eyes from behind the shopping list

Friday:    giving me that quizzical look, as he sits in this high chair at supper time and hears the click, click of the door when Ross comes home – and the delighted smile that spreads over his face when he sees him come into the room

And everyday things:  waving his nappy in the air as he lies on his back on the changing mat; saying ’tiss, tiss’ when someone sneezes;  making clicking noises with his tongue; looking back at me, just to check, as he crawls out the kitchen door and disappears into the bathroom; working out how to swing the bedroom door open and close; sitting on the kitchen floor banging the wok with the wooden spoon; laughing at me when I play ‘this little piggy went to market’ on his toes … so many things to make me smile!

Sleep tight!

Daniel has finally fallen asleep (its 2.30 in the afternoon).  Not that he has been complaining about the idea, he’s just been sitting at the end of the cot, with one foot through the bars, not asleep.  

One of the things I never knew about babies before I had one, is that when they are born they don’t know how to go to sleep. I knew babies know nothing but I thought falling asleep was instinctive, like falling over.  Apparently not.  

Daniel has now learnt to go to sleep in all sorts of ways: he gets smiley, laughs and giggles when I lay him down, turns onto his tummy, laughs some more and is asleep. He cries himself to sleep – not in a state of misery, but for less than five minutes, wahhhhhhh, wahhhhhhhh, wah, wah , wah w … asleep. He lays his head on my shoulder as I rock him from side to side – asleep. He opens his mouth, scrunches his face into the matress, sticks his bottom in the air – asleep. He stands up in his cot, holding on tight but so close – I lay him down – asleep. He lies on his side, playing with a toy, slow blinks – asleep.  

Often I look at him, asleep or awake, and think: how do you do it? How do you make the transition from bouncing around like a rubber boy to lying still, fast asleep? Its truly a mysterious thing.

(For the record – he does still forget: cries, stands up, sits down, crawls, cries, twists in my arms, gets exhausted, doesn’t go to sleep.)

Day One

Taking a momentAs a confirmed late-adopter when it comes to technology, I can’t quite believe that I am writing my first blog. I am someone who never checked my email account at university, didn’t own a mobile phone until years after everyone else and only have an ipod because my husband gave me one on his birthday. But once I have ‘got on board’, I appreciate the advantages technology brings – being able to organise lunch by email, find out what a friend is doing on facebook, text to say I am going to be late (again), listen to music while pushing the buggy.

So now I’m going to blog, or be a blogger or (apparently) write blessays. The inspiration? Time off work for maternity leave and a desire to record my experiences and emotions as I start on the journey of looking after a beautiful baby boy, a task that fills me with more delight and leaves me more exhausted than anything I’ve ever done.

I’ll try to write each afternoon while I drink a mug of coffee and my baby sleeps (as he is now – face down, bottom in the air, arms spread out on either side, breathing so gently I have to lean down close to hear him). This is a precious time in the day when I get a chance to pause and reflect and recover – and this is my first blog: not inspirational, not Garrison Keillor, just me and my baby.  I think I’m going to enjoy it.