why I blog

IMG_2376I’ve thought about why I write this blog quite a lot over the last few years.  I have just updated my ‘About’ page and wrote this:

I write this blog because nothing gives me more satisfaction than putting together some words and matching them up with some pictures and saving them somewhere to look at again.  I write about the happy times because there are many of them and they’re good to be remembered.  I write about our family because, although parenthood is tough going at times, I wouldn’t swap this life for anything in the world.  The days are short and the years go by too fast.

And thats about it.  I write to capture the fleeting moments.  I write to remind myself of all the good things that have come to me by the grace of God.  I write as the least I can do to create a family memory bank.  And I write because I get so much satisfaction by matching my words to some pictures.  I write because I love it.

IMG_2379So does it matter that this is a public space?  Well, yes, I think it does.  Its good to take what we create (whether that’s writing or painting, sewing, photos or music) and share it.  In some ways that’s the fulfillment of what we do.  Also I know some dear friends stay closer to our family by visiting this space every now and again and that matters to me.

So thank you  for coming.  See you again soon.

Small created things

An observant reader may have noticed that the name of my blog has changed from ‘Bringing up Boys’ to ‘Small created things’ (at the same time noticing that I have not actually written anything for about six months).  As I have been the mother of a boy and a girl for the last year, I obviously can’t continue to refer only to the boy I’m bringing up.

So, for now, its ‘Small created things’, referring appropriately to my beautiful children but also to things I enjoy and seem to be spending more time on: making, sewing, knitting, baking, small things that have been creeping into my posts more and more.  Here is one project I’ve had fun with recently.  Many more to follow – I’ve been busy as a bee!