oh, such a perfect day

DSC03179This was the highlight of our recent holiday to Skye: a day when our planning, the weather and the scenery came together in perfect harmony.  Our plan was a walk to the lighthouse at the Point of Sleat, about three miles.  We expected this to take the morning.  Thankfully, we packed enough sandwiches and snacks to last day.  Just before we reached the lighthouse, the path came out onto the most perfect sandy cove you can imagine.  The sun came out and we stayed all day.  It was better, far better than even the best remembered days of my childhood holidays.DSC03158The children played and played in the sand and the sea, requiring no entertainment from us.  Ross found an old rope and spend a long time unravelling it.DSC03152  At the end of the day, Daniel and I walked back along the ridge.  What joy to scramble hand in hand with my son, up the rocks and through the heather.  I think this is the first time he experienced the pleasure of walking and climbing: I will look back on it as the day he discovered a love for Scottish mountains.DSC03207Ah, April on the West coast of Scotland:  so fair, so fair.DSC03190

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I started blogging after the birth of my first child. Since I stopped working, I realise I am defined far more by my relationships than by what I do. So, I am: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

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