IMG_93138X1D4Is this a word? Inspired by my friend Brie when I came  across this on her blog, I started to spot palets everywhere: common and grubby industrial palets and expensive, designer ones, like this one at fcuk home.  I liked the idea, but soon realised that a 9ft square palet was not going to add anything to our smallish rooms, however much I embellished it.  And that’s when I spotted this little beauty outside a welder’s workshop in Forfar.

IMG_9291 IMG_9290 IMG_9293

Of course he said I could have it so I brought it home and set to work.  Thankfully I got some help with the sanding, painting and attaching of castors rom Mr M.  Little K also wielded a paint brush.  We stuck a sheet of plywood on the bottom to create a lower shelf.  The castors we used were an old set removed from a chest of drawers (they seemed quite similar to the fcuk ones).  The end result is pleasing and is proving quite useful for playing lego on.  A nice little adventure in diy and right on trend: have you heard of ‘rustic utilitarian’?  I read it about it here.  Oh yes, rustic utilitarian, that’s us, right there.

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