its show time

I remember taking these photos of our local village flower show last year.  Its come round again and I managed two entries: in Class 134 – An item of Handmade Jewellery and Class 140 – Felt Brooch (Novice).  Both produced at the Last Minute (8 o’clock at night  to be handed in before 10 o’clock).

IMG_9252 IMG_9255 IMG_9259 IMG_9262 IMG_9279 IMG_9280

The whole thing is presided over by a painting of the Queen Mother as a young woman who opened the show in 1919.  The cake section was extensive and the six foot long leeks  quite impressive.  Someone had produced prize begonias bigger than a fist that looked like they were made of silk.  My results? Third prize out of three for my felt brooch (Novice) – oh dear!  At least it came with some helpful advice in beautiful hand-writing and I’m glad I participated.  Next year I will do more: I should have entered some of our apples which are every bit as good as the ones exhibited.

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