In this house, the start of a new school term, means we have just celebrated a little boy’s birthday.  This year we chose an underwater theme, strongly influenced by the Octonauts. I had lots of fun preparing for it.

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My best buy was a six strings of paper fish, designed to be hung as decorations – we removed them from the strings and used them as props through-out the party.  I also bought two metres of plastic material from Dunelm Mill, decorated with a tropical underwater scene.  We used half as a table cloth and the rest I cut up into table mats for each child – they took them home with them at the end of the party.


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The party started with at treasure hunt for fish in the garden – there were at least 50 to find.  Next, we played ‘Octonauts’ – like ‘Captains coming’, but instructions included ‘sound the Octoalert’, ‘Octonauts to the HQ’ and ‘Creature Report’.  Musical gups was next with pieces of cardboard as the gups.  Break for cake and pass the parcel.  Meanwhile, we set up a treasure hunt for plastic gold coins in the sand pit; sweets to fish for – tied to the washing line; magnetic fishing; and feed the shark with wet sponges.  The kids were free to enjoy that however they wanted to.   We stopped about 12 for lunch, party ended at 12.30.  We only had ten children.  They seemed to leave happy.

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