Treasures in an egg box

I love the end of summer – there is something very friendly about September weather.  The evenings are still light and the days can be warm.  The busyness of harvest is comforting, berries are ripe, leaves are not yet yellow.  Yesterday and today have been bright and dry, but there has been a nip in the air that signals autumn is close.  This afternoon we went out to make the most of the clear air and sunshine.

Just before we left, I remembered this, found here on ElsieMarley, so I grabbed an empty egg box, lined the cups with coloured paper and as we walked we treasure-hunted.  Such a great idea: we noticed things we would never have seen – like berries on a tree or a white feather – and our walk in a place we have walked before had a whole new dimension.  D grasped the idea immediately: “We could find some bark from a tree for the brown one”.  I loved the way the bright colours of our paper were so easily found in nature.  It could be expanded to fill a box for a dozen eggs (I’d include grey next time – we noticed lichen, feathers and stones) or complicated for older kids (made into a competition?).  If you’re wondering about the pink – we did find pink flowers but none of them were wild / weeds so left them where they were.

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