Best toy for a two year old?

When Daniel turned two I really wanted some advice on what would make a good birthday present for a two-year old.  Advice from friends was quite vague.  So we bought him: some more wooden train track (courtesy of a work friend of Ross’ whose son had outgrown it); wooden vegetables that you can cut in half; a cook set with pots, pans and utensils; and play-do.  Friends and family were incredibly generous.  The presents that stick in my mind are a tractor and trailer; ‘Scoop’ (from Bob the Builder) with a front loader and back-hoe; a bubble gun; toy wine glasses.

Looking back, what has given him the most pleasure and kept him occupied for the maximum amount of time (my definition of  successful toy)?  Four pots of play-do from Tesco.  It is the most flexible and can be whatever he wants it to be. It also combines with almost all his other toys. So he when he ‘does play-do’ he might be making carrots with his pots and pans; making biscuits; making a trailer for a tractor; making bales to go in the tractor; or making a muddy road to drive his tractors on and make ‘tractor foot-prints’.  I’m sure other uses for it will develop – I’ll look forward to seeing what uses his imagination can come up with next.

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