Wake up, its a beautiful morning!

What a lovely day we had yesterday!  It was St Andrew’s Day, the only compulsory public holiday Ross gets. The sun was shining and everything was sparkling.


We drove over to Tentsmuir, the forest by the sea.  Last time we went there, everything was grey: the sea, the sand, the sky.  Yesterday, as we walked through the dunes to the sea we were surrounded by cold, clear colours: bright blue pools of water among the sand and maram grasses; orange berries on the scrubby bushes; pale, shining sand and sliver, blue and white waves rolling into shore in the sunlight.  We explored the ice on a puddle with Daniel, throwing up the fragile sheets and watching them shatter.  He ran around on the sand.  I found a grey conch shell. Ross and Daniel chased a ball.  It was warm in the sun.

We walked back through the pine trees, all hung about with lichen.IMG_3646

In the afternoon Daniel slept and I made a chocolate cake.  When he woke up we put a candle on it and let him blow it out – again and again.  So now we have photos of Daniel blowing out a candle on a cake and we’ll probably never quite remember if it was his first birthday or not.

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2 thoughts on “Wake up, its a beautiful morning!”

  1. Hi Amy
    When I read about Tentsmuir I remember my time at St Andrews University.How Jim went for a walk there one day when I had lectures and fell in the mud!!

    I am not sure if you will receive this but it is really good to hear of your little family enjoying the sea and the air there.I loved walking on those wonderful windy and wild spaces of the east coast of Scotland and really wish I could transport myself there for a good blow of fresh air!

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