Monsters under the bed

Time for a quick update on my son’s sleep, before I go to sleep myself.  He seems to have settled down into one nap a day, a long one over lunch time.  It makes for a long morning and a long afternoon – by the end of both he is definitely flagging.  In the evenings, I have discovered that if I put a chair outside the bedroom door and sit there reading, not looking at him, he will happily potter around in the cot, chatter away, throw his toys through the bars and eventually lie down on his side and fall asleep.  The first time I sat there with my book, stealing a glance at him every so often, it was such a relief to watch him go quietly to sleep.  (This was after evenings of going in every five or ten minutes to see him sitting at the end of his cot, red-faced and wailing, only falling asleep exhausted on my shoulder or in my arms.)  So it seems that the problem is not his ability to put himself to sleep but panic that we might be going to abandon him in the bedroom to do battle alone with the monsters under the bed.  Hopefully this phase too will pass.

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I started blogging after the birth of my first child. Since I stopped working, I realise I am defined far more by my relationships than by what I do. So, I am: wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.

One thought on “Monsters under the bed”

  1. for my son

    twenty two years ago
    i danced around our living room
    my arms wrapped around your tiny form
    tousled head snuggled on my shoulder
    as stevie wonder sang
    ……………………..I love you

    when you were eight
    i yelled as mad as heck
    pick up your stuff
    do you homework
    i saw tears trickle down
    leave a trail through dirt
    your soft boyish cheek
    i stopped my rant
    as i read “to attack another is to attack myself”
    i remembered stevie wonder
    ……………………I love you

    then came the teenage years
    cigarettes alcohol cars homework
    your constant movement dazzled me
    juggling skiing skateboarding surfing
    late at night I worried
    soothed by stevie wonder
    ……………………….I love you

    now you are a grown fine man
    still with tousled hair
    a free spirit choosing to follow
    the planet’s pulse
    skiing your own path
    at night when my mother’s fears growl
    i want to pick up the phone
    and sing with stevie wonder
    i just called to say
    ……………………I love you

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